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    Active-Passive Failover cluster in Windows Server 2008 R2


      As per the client requirements, I build an active-passive Oracle 11g R2 database cluster in Windows Server 2008 R2.
      (Used Microsoft cluster as Client don't have Fail Safe licence)

      As per the configuration, I follow the below mentioned steps:

      a)OS vendor configured Active-Passive Windows Cluster
      b)Installed Oracle 11g R2 on both the nodes with same ORACLE_HOME name
      c)Create Listener and configured it with cluster IP in Node1
      d)Create Database from Node1. Physical files location are all in Storage
      e)Create Oracle Service with the same name in the 2nd node and copy all the files like spfile,tnsnames.ora,listener.ora,password file to Node2
      f)Configure Listener with the same Oracle SID.
      g)Test database failover from Node2 with Listener registration
      h)Open the Windows Failover Manager to configure the Oracle Database and Listener Service in the Cluster Group

      Now I am facing problem by moving Cluster Group movement. Whenever trying to moving the group, Listerner service is not getting up by Cluster Manager as quorum is not included in the group and that quorum disk is not moving in the failover node with the Oracle Cluster Group. As per my understanding Quorum having information of Cluster IP which has been configured with Listener.

      But when I am shutdown one node, then in the other node all the resources successfully moving and cluster able to online all the resources. I guess at that time Quorum is also moving and thus cluster can able to make Listener online.

      Please suggest how to resolve this issue. Means how can I make Listener up instead having any dependencies with Quorum in the fail over node?

      Thanks a lot for your help.