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    Weblogic - Fusion Middleware Cluster - Clarification - 11g

      Hello All,

      I've checked the forum and would need just a little clarification regarding weblogic cluster & fusion Middleware + Load Balancing.

      My current Setup is:
      1 APP Server: Runs Fusion Middleware 11g Forms and Reports + Weblogic + OHS (windows 2008R2)
      1 DB Server: Standalone database 11gR2 installation (windows 2008R2)

      I've been asked to add a new app server and setup load balancing between the two app servers in order to split the incoming forms & reports requests.

      What do I do? Do I install the new app server like the first one and just add it to an existing domain(clustering)? Is there a difference between fusion middleware clustering and weblogic clustering (as in database RAC - the whole idea being failover 24/7 no single point of failure?)

      I would appreciate any assistance, and need not great detail, just need to make sense of the whole thing.

      I'm already on with the following document: [http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E21764_01/web.1111/e13709/toc.htm]

      Thanks in advance

      Jan S.
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          Hello to all,

          So I've done some digging around and managed to understand a little deeper. Correct me if I'm wrong.

          First I need to install another weblogic server to my existing domain. Then I need to install forms & reports and on the second server I need to make it cluster aware.

          Where I'm still not clear is where is the load balancing handled. Is this some DNS server or something. Is there a build in load balancer in weblogic/fusion middleware I could use along with OHS?

          Aside from the following documentation, is there any good tutorial on how to configure OHS HA?

          Thansk in advnace for your assistance.

          Jan S.
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            Kalyan Pasupuleti-Oracle
            Hi Jans,

            as you stated that you want to go with Load balancing is it physical one or logical weblogic cluster.

            What exactly it is clear me.

            As you stated Install WLS and then install FMW suites that is correct.

            Now Load balancing part which configuration are you looking there.

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              Ravi Jegga
              Hi Jan
              You are almost there. I would like to clarify some points for you.

              1. You already have WLS + Forms/Reports and of course Backend RCU Database that has all the meta data for Forms/Reports. This RCU database is on single server Oracle database.

              I've been asked to add a new app server and setup load balancing between the two app servers in order to split the incoming forms & reports requests.

              2. The first question for above requirement is, do you need the new Server on the same Existing physical box or a different remote physical box. If on the same physical box (which I doubt), then there is NO need to install any new software like WLS, Forms/Reports etc. All you do is create a new Managed Server and add it to your existing Domain. NOW, do you currently have a Clustered Domain. If you, all you do is add this new server to that cluster. If not, then you need to add a New cluster and add your old and this NEW managed server to that Cluster. If your existing domain is only single server and is very recent, I would prefer create a brand new Cluster domain with Different Port numbers (you can change port numbers anytime later also). Then add/create one or two managed servers.

              3. If you are give a new physical box for this new managed server, then YES, you do need to install exactly SAME version of Weblogic Server and same version of Forms/Reports server on this new machine. Then create a Cluster Domain with 2 managed servers. One managed server on first box where you will have Admin Server + Managed Server 1. Then run pack command. Go to other machine. Run unpack command to create second Managed Server. Now you got 2 managed servers in a Single Clustered Domain.

              4. Now comes the Load Balancing Part. Never ever expose the individual managed server host and port and WebApp urls for any Clustered Domain. Instead install Apache Http Web App Server which I guess is same as Oracle Http Server. Oracle renamed it (there is no need for this, but it may be company policy). Anyhow all you do is, just install Apache Web Server. Copy some .dll (.so on linux) files to this apache installation. Then update httpd.conf file or weblogic.conf file with details of clustered weblogic domain managed servers host, port, url patterns etc.

              5. All the External Requests will now go to Apache Web Server like http://apachehost:apacheport/xxxUrl. This Apache will take care of LOAD Balancing, Failover etc and based on input url pattern will redirect requests to back end cluster of weblogic managed servers.

              6. The backend RCU database that has Metadata for Forms/Reports NEED NOT be Clustered. If you really have extremely heavy data, then you can have Oracle RAC database. Have multiple DB Nodes in RAC. For each Node, create a DataSource in Weblogic conolse and finally one master Multi Data Soiurce that uses all these single Datasources. But very rarely you really need RAC or clustered database for RCU. So for now, just go with single non-clustered Database that has RCU Schemas.

              In conclusion, even though you have Forms/Reports, just follow the standard normal Weblogic Clustered domain Architecture for your requirement. All clustering is at application server level and nothing to do with any Oracles softwares like SOA/BPM, Forms/Report, BI etc etc.

              Ravi Jegga
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                Hello Ravi,

                I cannot thank you enough for the extensive detailed response.

                Yes its a physical separate APP server that I will add. Yet I'm still a little mixed up about the default Fusion Servers(standard installation)

                Cluster name: cluster_disco
                > server: WLS _DISCO

                Cluster name: cluster_forms
                > server: WLS_FORMS

                Cluster name: cluter_reports
                > server: WLS_REPORTS

                From my understanding ever server that you want to extend into cluster needs to be part of its own cluster? Then how come I only see Oracle forms component when I try to extends a cluster on server 3. I must have missed a step.

                Yet I don't know... really appreciate the assistance.


                Jan S.

                -------------------------------------------Upgrade today
                APP 1: Upgrade from weblogic standlone installlation (basic/standrard install on windows) to version 10.3.6
                APP: weblogic 10..3.6 + fusion middleware + Patchset 5 (
                DB: no change

                --> cannot the report component when extending the cluster.
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                  Ravi Jegga
                  1. I am not much familiar and have not worked on any Forms/Reports software.

                  2. But I do work on SOA/BPM Suite and BI Suite which is on top of Weblogic Server. Hence any pointers that I give should pretty much work for your Forms/Reports also. Still I would recommend you to see docs for Forms/Reports.

                  3. Coming back, to your thing:
                  a) Looks like you have 3 Clusters and each Cluster have one managed server for now. And each cluster handles different type of product I guess like forms, reports etc.
                  b) Now if you want to extend your Domain and add Additional Server for each of these clusters, then you need to create 3 servers and give some unique names and ports. Then make each of these new server to one of the above Clusters. See this below link on how to do this: After this, now you have 3 Clusters and each cluster will have 2 managed servers. This will work perfectly fine, if all of these are on the same machine.
                  c) Now, if you want these 3 new servers on a brand new different machine, try this approach. It should work mostly.
                  d) Do the step b, and for each server give the host name as the new machine host name. Or just give for timebeing localhost. You can edit it later by editing config.xml file.
                  e) NOW run pack command on this machine. This "pack" command will generate a .jar file with complete details of this domain.
                  f) Now go to your brand new machine. Install EXACTLY same version of Weblogic Server and Forms/Reports and in the SAME FOLDER Strucutre. Say on Machine 1, if you had C:\Oracle\Middleware\MyWeblogic, then on this new machine also, you should have exactly same folder strucutre.
                  g) Now on this new machine after full installation run "unpack" and this will create exactly same domain which is replica of first domain. Then start the 3 new servers using like startManagedWeblogic command. Only after this , you should see 3 new servers under the domain/servers folder.
                  h) Since all these severs are part of Cluster, now you need some sort of Load Balancer like Apache Http Web Server and give cluster address in this for each of the cluster.

                  Please refer online docs for pack and unpack commands on how to create servers on remote machines.

                  Re-connect existing WebLogic server to admin tool -> Have some concepts for quick reading
                  How to assign a machine to Managed Server -> See the last post for some notes
                  http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E21764_01/web.1111/e14144/tasks.htm -> Creating and Starting a Managed Server on a Remote Machine
                  http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E21764_01/web.1111/e14144/intro.htm#sthref9 (Pack and Unpack command and examples)

                  Ravi Jegga
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                    Hello Ravi,

                    Thanks for the detailed explination. I did follow you steps and someone along all the detailed steps I figured out a couple things and managed to create the managed servers (WLS_FORMS2 & WLS_REPORTS2) + expand the individual clusters.

                    The information and steps you provided were without a doubt a core value to fixing my issue.

                    Thanks once more.

                    Jan S.
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                      Ravi Jegga
                      Hi Jan
                      I am glad you got your issue addressed and thanks for sharing this.

                      Ravi Jegga