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    Install XE 11.2 with a Custom Seed Database

      We are looking for a way to distribute Oracle XE with our application and during the install proces, set up a custom database with all our objects and seed data. I was hoping to not have to go through the process of scripting sql and sql loader to create objects and data. Is there a way with XE 11.2 to do this? Can I use RMAN to create a set of seed files and deploy those during the installalation or will I have to restore those following the installtion?

      I have been searching the internet with not much luck (of course I could be searching on the wrong keywords).

      Any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated...

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          That's a bit tricky. Installer has a seed database, but touching that would be outside the scope of the license agreement.

          There is probably a way to use rman, others would have to contribute on that method I've not used it much.

          But I have done quite a few tablespace transports, the process is straight forward as long as all the requirements are met.

          Set up a new tablespace, set up your schema user(s) defaulted to that tablespace, do the DDLs for tables, indexes, sqlloader or insert SQLs to get the data the way you want, then set the tablespace to read only, then expdp the tablespace metadata.

          At a target database, the schema user(s) need to be created, make the tablespace datafile(s) and expdp dump file available at the target, and impdp the metadata dump file.

          See the 11g Admin doc on TTS: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E11882_01/server.112/e25494/tspaces013.htm#sthref1629