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      I've been having problems with the Autotrace functionality. Whenever I push the autotrace button, I get a popup as follows:

      Insufficient privileges

      I granted myself the PLUSTRACE privilege, but it doesn't appear to have any effect (after logoff/logon)

      Thanks in advance...
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          Gary Graham-Oracle

          Not sure if I can give a definitive answer. It probably depends on both the SQL Developer and Oracle DB versions in use. And based on the error message, I would guess your SQL Developer version is not current. Unless you require it to access an older DB version like 8i, my recommendation would be to upgrade.

          Assuming a 10g or 11g DB with any 2.x or 3.x release of SQL Developer, having SELECT_CATALOG_ROLE should be sufficient. For an older DB release, I would just be guessing, but the 9i DB doc for Autotrace in SQL*Plus is here:

          SQL Developer Team
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            Welcome to the forum!

            Whenever you post provide your full sql developer version and the platform and version you are using.

            Version information is typically needed to provide specific help.