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    Display rotate

      I need some help on screen rotate on Intel Ivy bridge.
      I have tried to use xrandr and added "Option "RandRRotation" "True"" in xorg.conf file, and there is no effect.
      My customer needs the display portrait mode as default, is it possible?
      Very thanks for your help!
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          I wonder if you got it working with the cheap Intel solution ?

          If not, might be worth plugging in another controller.

          With nvidia compatible controllers you might find a cheap solution like here (see: Metamodes):
          As Nvidia Metamodes do not use the slow transformation in X (which puts also load on your CPU),
          but a nice chip feature of nvidia chips, this is similar to the real expensive solutions below.

          Real professional and pricy solutions together with the right monitors are of course also available,
          like for MED and ATC where Solaris is very often in use for security and stability reasons, see here:


          And then there is this company: http://www.xig.com which might be able to help out with an X server that fits your needs.