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    APEX SVG output for Barcodes not displaying in IE9

      I have the following code as default for a display item which generates a barcode as per Denes Kubicek's example that use to be at

      http://htmldb.oracle.com/pls/otn/f?p=31517:105 (it's now broked).
      <!DOCTYPE html><embed src="f?p=&APP_ID.:0:&APP_SESSION.:APPLICATION_PROCESS=show_spc_barcode:NO::code39text,code39label,code39width,code39height:&P1_CHILD_ID.,YES,1,35" width="220" height="50" type="image/svg+xml" / >
      The code generates a barcode correctly in Firefox but not in IE9(64 bit). I need to use IE as it is the browser for the standard operating environment for my client.
      I have read the discussion about IE and its support for SVG at
      I cannot get their solutions or examples to work in IE when the code is placed in an HTML region. Though they all work perfectly in Firefox.
      As I see it, my options are 1) bust my brain in trying to get the proposed barecode solution to work in IE. 2) offer an alternative to Denes Kubicek's solution and generate alternative output to SVG such as flash or something else. Any help appreciated Paul P