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    Executing Mapping Results in "Component Must Be Declared" error

      I have a new OWB installation (actually 5 weeks old). It is a RAC installation and everything is in order. Every time I execute a mapping I get an "Ora-6550 Pls-00302: component must be declared" error.

      I can run the mapping from SQL Plus but not through Design Center. It is valid and permissions are all correct.

      I've had an SR open for 3-4 weeks and I don't think Oracle know what to do.

      Has anyone seen this behavior before and perhaps give me a clue as to what I might look at.


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          BRZ-DWH Steuer
          someone here posted the solution and it worked for us:

          7.14 Existence of an Object in the Schema With the Same Name as the Target Schema in the Database

          12776878: If an object exists in the schema with the same name as the target schema in the database, then an error is displayed.

          For example:

          Schema named A has an object called Q. Schema named Q exists and has an object called Z.
          When you call SchemaQ.ObjectZ from Schema A, it looks within Schema A for Q.Z. Z is not found and displays the following error:

          ORA-06550: ..: PLS-00302: component 'XYZ' must be declared
          Workaround: Rename one of the Q objects to R or some letter other than Q.

          check with this select:
          SELECT username
          FROM dba_users y
          SELECT a.object_name
          FROM dba_objects a