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    Dataguard error: log_file_name_convert  issue

    oralicious OEL
      Ive inherited a dataguard setup.

      Primary: 2 node RAC ASM
      Standby: single instance, mounted volume

      I went to test opening the standby as snapshot standby
      DGMGRL> convert database sigbcp to snapshot standby;
      Converting database "stdby" to a Snapshot Standby database, please wait...
      Error: ORA-00349: failure obtaining block size for ''
      Failed to convert database "stdby"
      after a bit of investigation, it looks like some of the logfiles havent converted their name from ASM. when I select the log file names on standby I see some are converted ok but some have not

      select member from v$logfile;

      From reading, I know I can build up my log_file_name_convert and set it dynamically but is there anything to be done other that that? ie, do I have to restart or even go as far as rebuilding the instance.