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    Reg: Cron


      i have to set the cronjob for the path sunday at 2: 30.

      on the server bys296d001.

      what needs to be set at crontab -e.

      30 02 * * 0 . /apps2/wbcpat/load/run_re_pi_dp_proc/run_re_lpi_dp_proc.sh start &

      i set the cron it's running on every sunday getting mail also.. but automated mail is coming with error path not found.
      i checked tht path is available in the server bys296d001. and in the same server i created the crontab
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          Please provide the complete error message as it appears and details of your analysis or troubleshooting so far.
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            it's Giving Error $Dir2 metadataserver.sh start2 not found
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              Based on the information you provided there is no connection between the error and your cron task. It is also not obvious what product you are using. Please mind the forum etiquette. My best guess is that you need to define the Dir2 variable and possibly other environment variables for the crontask to work. Cron does not process the login profile of the user and only knows about /bin and /usr/bin.
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                hi dude,

                i'am getting the error like:
                . /apps2/wbcpat/load/run_re_pi_dp_proc/run_re_lpi_dp_proc.sh no file and dir line 149
                [+1 done]
                $DIR/$Script start 2
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                  Sorry, I'm afraid you will need to provide more feedback and detailed information. The error message on it's own is not useful. Please see my previous reply.
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                    Multiple cross-posts.
                    User posting history shows this to be a persistent poor etiquette habit.
                    All to be locked as thery're found.