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    Oracle Application Express Listener - 500 - Internal Server Error

    Priya Jetley -Oracle

      I'm not sure if this forum is the correct place to post this issue.
      In case not,would appreciate it if somebody could direct me to the correct forum/mail address for the same.

      I have an application on apex.oraclecorp.com that has been functional for about 4 years.
      Lately,whenever you click on an "Apply" button on a form page in the application,I get an "ORACLE APPLICATION EXPRESS LISTENER
      500 - Internal Server Error" each time.
      I havent changed the logic of the application at all.
      This is something I have observed after the recent move to the Application Express Listener of the apex.oraclecorp.com server.

      My workspace name is : "PIBU_WKSP"
      Application id : 16434
      Page No. : 26

      Error occurs each time on the click of the "Apply" button.

      Would appreciate some help on this issue at the earliest.

      Thanks and Regards,
      Priya Jetley