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    ADF BC table ordering for SQL operation

      Oracle: 11g
      JDev version:

      Have 3 tables
      1. EMP_TAB      
      2. EMP_DEP_MAP_TAB          
      3. DEP_TAB

      Data Model:
      -- EMP_TAB
      -- DEP_TAB

      User Flow:
      1. Navigate to Department page
      2. It will display Employee Name
      3. 'Assign Employee' button is provided to assign employess to department
      4. When user clicks 'Assign Employee' button, popup is shown with Empoyee detaills and a check box to select. Even user can add/delete Employess in Popup

      When user does selection of already saved Employees, there is no issue. But when user tries to add and assign to department, sometimes it works and some times throws "ORA-02291: integrity constraint (EMP_DEP_MAP_TAB_FK) violated - parent key not found"

      Question: Can we provide order like first insert EMP_TAB and then EMP_DEP_MAP_TAB