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    UWC with Calendar Server 7

      We are in the stage of migrating from Calendar Server 6.3 (latest patch version) to Calendar Server 7. Many of our customers are still using UCW due to some more convienent feature, especially group calendars which are missing in IWC 2.

      Is it possible to use UWC (wcap) with c*alendar server 7*, without having a coexistent installation of calendar server 6.3 and 7.x

      BTW: I have made about 1.5 years ago an RFE for adding group calender functionalities like they are there in UWC to IWC but so far nothing happened. It would be greate if more people would support this RFE that group calendaring will come some time to IWC.

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          This has never been tested and I really much doubt that this will work.

          On the other hand, could you describe in more details what you mean by group calendars ?
          CS7 (fronted by iWC) does support granting read/read+write access to LDAP groups (both static and dynamic groups), so in a sense you can create calendars that belong to a group of users.
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            In UWC the user is able to create his own calendar groups without using ldap groups. This feature was much appreciated by our customers and is no more available in IWC. I found the RFE

            "I only found an older RFE 6634162:
            Creating Calendar groups not available. This is logged against
            Convergence 1 and doesn't have a solution."
            Maybe you can find some more details within the RFE give above. But it is hard to explain the our customers than with a new and/or more recent software valuable feature are no more supported. The customers except enhancements and more features with new software but not degradation of features.

            Giving all users write access to ldap groups maybe cause some confusion and also security issues. But can you give me a hint to some documents, where it is described in more detail.
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              It would be good to understand how the end users were using these groups. Is this for easy viewing only? Or was it for more like setting acls. I thought UWC had only the former ability.
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                It is pretty simple how our customers and myself use group calenders with UWC:

                - In the calendar pane there is the drop down menu current calendar and there you can choose "manage calendars"
                - Then you will get a list of subscribed calendars and a button with "New Calendar Group".
                - Push button "Calendar Groups" and a new window will open for setting up a new calendar group
                - Then the user can create a new calendar group with its own name e.g. for personal project groups, meeting rooms etc. and add subscribed calendars by one click or by corporate address book search
                - After creation of a new calendar group the group calendar can be viewed in the calendar pane by choose current calendar you will find all personal calendar groups at the end of the drop down menu.

                More technically: the setting of personal calendar groups can be found in the ldap attibute icsSet for each UID. It should be easy to implement this in IWC using the same ldap attributes which in our case are already set by a large number of users using UWC in the past years.

                Hope this help to understand the functionality of personal calendar groups.

                I would really appreciate and especially our customers which are used to this feature if the RFE already submitted for IWC 1.x can be implemented in IWC 2.x soon. This would be great and will avoid a lot of search and klicks in subscribed calendars in IWC. The benefit for our customers and acceptance of IWC would be rise to a much higher level.
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                  In my last post, I posted an easy description how group calendering work ini UWC and suggestions how to implement it in IWC.

                  Now I have the question to Oracle staff if there is any decision or plans to implement the it in IWC according to the old RFE about this issue.