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    How to create a conditional link to a report from within a report


      So following the advice from another thread, here is what i want to achieve:

      I have 3 reports. Report1, 2 & 3;

      Report1 Contains a stacked bar graph from which i would like to allow a user to click on one of the two colors in the stacked bar to link either to Report2 or Report3.

      If the graph columns only have 1 color then i'd like the user to be presented with only one link to the pertaining report...hence the condition.

      I cannot get the condition to work though :(
      I've set the condition as follows:

      Column = TESTCASEAUTOMATED [This is a fact based column generated in the presentation layer by using an sql query, it's value is an integer]
      Operator = Is greater than
      Value = 1

      What do I need to do here to get this condition to work?