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    my control file is corrupt..

      I had a single control file and control file cant be acessed...it is corrupt..
      when i try to copy the file using os i cant ..so i went to database and i did take a trace of the control file..

      How can i now rename the controlfile. .I cant acess this controlfile..using os...it throws some error..

      Is the db gone ? Any method still to restore. I want to copy the control file via os. . But i cant..
      What can we don in such scenario
      db 11g xe , os win 7 .. I will like to change the location of my new controlfile..

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          I tihnk you need to provide bit more information:
          Why do you think your controlfile is damaged?
          Why can't you copy it?

          Note that "it throws some error.." is neither an Oracle nor an operating system error message.
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            The system just hangs when i try to copy the controlfile..
            The hard disk c drive has got ...some bad sectors...i earlier had recived crc errors...
            The controlfile were present in this location.. Only 1.. But now i am not able to copy it..
            via os..i am using win 7 ...32 bit..
            Took a controlfile trace
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              I am still not clear on why you think the controlfile is damaged. I would have thought that if it were damaged, you would not have been able to generate the trace file. But if it is, terminate the instance and run the trace file to re-create the controlfile. And while you are about it, add another copy so that you won't have the same problem again.

              (By the way, there appears to be something wring with your keyborad, it is introducing a lot of dots into your sentences)
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                Balazs Papp
                set ORACLE_SID=XE
                sqlplus / as sysdba
                create pfile from spfile;
                edit $ORACLE_HOME/database/initXE.ora, change path at control_files parameter
                sqlplus / as sysdba
                create spfile from pfile;
                startup nomount;
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                  i had to recreate the database.. cause .. lot of location were having data corruption error..
                  cause of hard disk fault.... so had to recreate ...everything..
                  Moral of story i felt is however experienced you are..never .. be a bit over confident..on backup...
                  Use a rman backup and always validate it.