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    adding new diskgrop

      Hello all,
      I have a small issue with one of my newly asm disks.
      I have a grid infrastructure with 2 nodes and 4 asm disks. One disks is mounted as acfs.
      In clusterware (grid) I have a resource for every asm disk:
      ora.DATA3.dg -> acfs

      Yesterday I have added a new asm disk (the 5-Th) which must be mounted like acfs. All fine until now.
      After I created the diskgroup DATA4 some errors are scrolling on my screen (cannot create/found ora.DATA4.dg)

      msg CRS-0210: Could not find resource 'ora.DATA4.dg'.

      Diskgroup is created, I can create ACFS and I can mount it manually but i can not register them mount point into acfs registry so in failuare I have to mount this acfs manually.

      Any idea how to create (or why is not created automatically) ora.DATA4.dg ?