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    WebCenter Sites, Ananlytics, Community and compatibility


      I'm hoping someone can quickly carify something for me. I've been reviewing the following compatibility matrix to understand we have the correct certification.


      I just wanted to quickly understand the main difference between:

      WebCentre Sites
      WebCenter Sites: Analytics
      WebCenter Sites: Community

      We have a version of FatWire installed before Oracle aquired them and wish to upgrade. Am I correct in thinking that Analytics and Community are still WebCenter Sites overall, but with added functionality, etc?

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          "WebCenter Sites" was formerly "FatWire Content Server"
          "WebCenter Sites: Analytics" was formerly "FatWire Analytics Server" (also briefly known as FatWire Content Optimizer)
          "WebCenter Sites: Community" was formerly "FatWire Community Server"

          Each are still separately installable products, the latter two both requiring installation(s) of WebCenter Sites to be of use.

          "WebCenter Sites" is something of an umbrella term that can refer to the products it comprises of (Sites, Analytics, Community, Gadget and Mobility) but typically also just refers to the core product, what you know as Content Server.

          If all you had before the acquisition was Content Server, then upgrading that to the latest version would put you on WebCenter Sites 11g. That wouldn't automatically give you Analytics etc, because they are still separate optional installations.