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      i am trying to create application in oracle adf.

      My question is how to pull imformation based on primary key.

      i have to separate tables ( say table a and table b)

      both table are connected with primary and forigne key relationship.

      table a is primary key and reference to table b.

      i used both table as form on panel tab.

      there are two separate panel tab for both tables
      panel tab A for table A
      panel tab B for table B

      i have inserted some records in TABLE A and sequence number got generated now using that sequence number i want to pull the information on TABLE B (panel B).

      mean user will go to panel B there he will find the list of value column of field which is referening table A primary key column.
      once the user select value from LOV then automatically all the others value should display on the form

      i hope i explined my problem in detail.
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          So, table A is a master, and by selecting LOV item on the table's B attribute, yuo want to display all related table A attributes, right ?
          I so, you can base ViewObjectB on two entities, one Entity B (which is updateable) and Entity A, which is read-only (reference)
          After that, in the ViewObjectB, add relevant attributes from entity A you want to display on the page.
          Make LOV attrbiute autoSubmit, and refresh (by partial triiger) all entity A UI components.

          That should be it...huh ?