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    How to execute action method programmatically?

      Hi all,
      I'm using Jdev

      I have created two pages pg1,pg2 with a template(template consists button). in the page pg1 I dragged a taskflow(consists fragment) as a region.
      In the fragment bindings, i added an action.
      I need to click the button to navigate from pg1 to pg2. but before navigate from pg1 to pg2, i need to execute the action which is added in the bindings of the fragment.
      so, i created a bean and tried to execute that action through binding container in the button action listener.

      bindings = getBindings();
      OperationBinding act = bindings.getOperationBinding("Rollback");

      but i get the nullpointer exception at the line act.execute()

      I thought it is becuase, button is on the template, and the Rollback iis addRed as action binding on the fragment.

      so, how can I execute that Rollback action.
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