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    ForAllScope is not working

      I'm having problems getting ForAllScope (and ForScope) to work. Here is a rule I have:

      the line item can be fulfilled if
      ForAllScope(all instances of the inventory record)
      the inventory record’s product name = the line item’s product name and
      the inventory record’s product quantity >= the line item’s product quantity

      I get this error:

      A scoping function has been used without any condition. Scoping functions must have at least one condition. (OPA-E00121)

      Any help is greatly appreciated.
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          What you are attempting is logical, assuming that you have an entity called the inventory record and declarations for all 4 variables used in the conditions. I got it working on my machine so either you don't have the data model set up properly, or you are not using styles properly. Your first line should be in OPM - Conclusion style, the second line in OPM - Level 1 style and the third and fourth lines in OPM - Level 2 style. I would be happy to send you my whole project if you shoot me an email at michael.fairweather@monadsolutions.com.