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Bug while copying items on a page.

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When I create a new page item via copying from existing page item it fails with the below error code, if there is > or < character in the source of the existing item.
Error Source contains <, > or " which are invalid characters. 
It works fine if I create new item using wizard and then have the same source. I use div tags in the source of my display only items.

If this is a bug, can we get it fixed in the upcoming release.

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    scott.wesley Guru
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    I concur - I was doing a lot of copying in my last project, and I came across this when I my items were sourced from PL/SQL

    Improvements in copying dynamic actions would also be a bonus, they are a little behind items/buttons now.
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    Hi Manish and Scott,

    I also concur and have filed bug #14724684. Specifically this appears to occur when the 'Source' value contains either <,> or ", and only when copying items as you say. I'm afraid this will not be fixed for 4.2, but we will aim to fix it for the first patch set. Interestingly, the item does still get copied despite the error, (which I'm sure you noticed anyway), but just thought I'd mention it in case that's of use to you or others as the error won't stop you from copying items containing these characters in their source.

    And yes, Scott I agree with the DA copy wizard and have made a note to improve this for our next release. Thanks for mentioning it.

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    scott.wesley Guru
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    I didn't find I could still copy - it wouldn't let me past that step in the wizard. All I did was cut the code, step through the wizard, then edit the item straight away to paste it back in.

    Thanks for the feedback, Anthony.


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