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    Skillbuilders modal dialog - condition for parent page dialog

    Scott Wesley

      When using this awesome plugin, I have a dynamic action on my calling page that deals with the selection from the dialog.
      It uses
      Select type:DOM Object
      DOM Object: document
      Condition: javascript expression
      ($v('P110_PROD_SEARCH') == 'BLAH')
      where the js expression is making sure I run the correct dynamic action, particularly when I have a few buttons on the page invoking different variations of the modal dialog.

      My first action is some javascript that interrogates the value of
      this helps me make decisions in later actions on whether to run some pl/sql, for instance

      In light of a recent question of mine regarding a potential APEX bug (Display item with HTML affected by dynamic action and since we can't put conditions on actions - I was wondering if I could incorporate something into my dynamic action condition to stop the entire dynamic action from executing if modalPageCloseValue is null - but it seems to be out of scope?