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How to get a combo box

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I'm a newby in Forms.
I've created a form based on a view based on two tables.
To use this view for inserting values I've used succesfully an instead-of-trigger.
What I don't know how to do is how to report a combo box for one of the values.
I try to explain by an example.
Let's suppose to have a PERSON table (name, sirname, age, ...) and a GENDER table (id_gender, gender_description) where gender_description is Masculine or Female
My view is made of all of the columns of PERSON and gender_description of GENDER
When the form allows me to insert a new person, I'd like that in the field of gender_description it were reported to me a combo box with Masculine or Female so as to permit to me to choose and then the instead-of-trigger will insert into the PERSON table the new values of name, sirname, age + id_gender (which is a foreign key to GENDER table).
What and how to use for getting a combo box? LOVs or what else and how to create it?

Thanks in advance!
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    yoonas Expert
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    Use property palatte and Change the item type to List item, Select a list style

    Give the values in Elements in List. In 'List Elements' type the values you want to be displayed on screen and in the 'List item value' give the value you want to save in the table.



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