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    retriewing values of out parameters in a stored procedure

    Fabrizio Delli Priscoli
      Hi all. I'm on Application Express
      I have made a region with a text item in which I put a sql statement. Then I want to pass this statement to a stored procedure.
      So I have created a page process in which I made the call to this procedure.
      I put in the process point section "On submit after computations and validation" and in the source I have made the call to my procedure,

      :P1_ATEMENT is a text item in which I put the statement I want to process, the others are item where I must store returning values of my procedure.

      Here is the code of my procedure:

      create or replace
      procedure calcola_record_dinamico(statement in varchar2,n_record out number, tot_val out number, tot_qua out number, tot_qau out number) is

      execute immediate statement into n_record, tot_val, tot_qua, tot_qau;

      I have made a button in the page in order to submit the process, and in the "Action When Button Clicked" section I put submit page, execute validation and no database action.

      When I run and press the button, nothing happens, because items that must store returning values of procedure still remain null.
      Where am I wrong??
      Thanks all for collaboration,