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    Format mask allows to click anywhere on the field

      I have one NUMBER field with size 15. I have set format mask 999,999,999,999,999 on this field. This is formatting the data I am entering in that field. But the problem is if I enter a value in that field and moves to another field. And if I want to edit the previous field again I have to keep the cursor at the left end of the value.

      For example I enter 3,000 in the field. If I want to edit the field again, I have to edit it from left like 1,233,000. I cannot edit it at the end(like 3,000,123).

      Even I can click anywhere in that field where I have the format mask like below value.

      45 3,000

      We can keep spaces in between. But we cannot continue with this value since it will validate the format.

      Is there any way to restrict the user from clicking anywhere in that field. Please help