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    Oracle Weblogic Server 11g certification

    emil bolokanov
      Hello all,

      I am currently preparing for : Oracle Weblogic Server 11g: System Administration I


      The official training is a video course named >>


      The course itself has been purchased and revised.

      What is really bothering me is that those materials are insufficient and I do not feel prepared for an exam. The official oracle documentation is large and finding each topic covered by this exam is highly time consuming.
      So is there any other title out there that can summarize or at least cover most of the topics at least for initial read/understanding.

      Currently I have this one :


      I consider myself having moderate to advanced level of weblogic skills. Taking the exam should not be such a big issue but one needs to be sure or at least gather info from people that had already taken the exam.

      So please share your knowledge or advice with me it is very much welcome.


      Best Regards,
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          Hello Emil,

          I did this exam test a year ago (when it was at beta phase), and I can tell you that the course WebLogic Server 11g: Administration Essentials is more than enough to clear this test. Also take note that the test is based in this course material.

          Besides you have stated that you have a moderated skill using WebLogic, this should be a plus because a big portion of the questions focuses [info removed by moderator - possible NDA violation].

          Sadly, I can't give any book recomendation. But if you want to study more on an especific topic (like WLST as is wide enough to be well explained in the course) use any book you have at hand and the product documentation and you should be doing fine in the test.

          Harim Márquez

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