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      Greetings all,

      I'm new to the forum and this is my last resort to solve a problem that I've been experiencing for a while and it's starting to inconvienience me quite a bit. About 2 months ago , I updated my Java to version 7u6 and it worked fine for about a week then suddenly, none of the applets worked in ANY of my browsers. I thought at first that this was just a new update glitch so I waited for another version to come out , 7u7. I updated to that version and the problem still persisted. I looked up the troubleshooting section on the Oracle site with no success. I Googled my problem, checked other forums and again, no success. Lastly , I sent an email to Oracle a few weeks ago with no reply.

      Two example of a site where the applets don't work are Keepvid.com or Savevid.com .When I open up the site, load my video, it just keeps saying "Loading Java Applet" , no error messages come up, and at times crash the browser I'm using.

      This is getting extremely irritating and I want to solve this once and for all.

      Please help me out.

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          Uninstall and re-install Java does not help?
          Try turning on tracing (see http://docs.oracle.com/javase/7/docs/webnotes/tsg/TSG-Desktop/html/plugin.html#gcexdf) to see if there are any useful data.
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            When I get this problem, I have to do several things to remedy it:

            1 - uninstall Java (completely)
            2 - run a cleaner like cclearner to fix the registry and remove old browser files
            3 - reboot
            4 - download the new version of Java (make a new download, the one you have may have problems)
            5 - install the new version of Java
            6 - reboot
            7 - check and see it it all made a difference

            I've only had this problem on Windows (all versions).