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    Extracting Data from OEM

      Is there an easy to use API for extracting client data from OEM? We really like how OEM collects system information, health/performance metrics, etc. We'd like to use this data in our own in-house health monitoring software.

      For example, using alerts generated by the OEM agent in our own home-grown alert management software, using the health metrics provided by the system monitoring plugin to create our own alerts, etc.
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          Loc Nhan -Oracle
          Have a look at the repository views, especially the Events views and Monitoring views, documented in the Cloud Control Extensibility Programmer's Reference guide to see if they meet your requirements.


          - Loc
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            Johan Louwers
            As all data is stored in the database you could write some code to get it out and into your own software. However, what intrigues me is what functionality is it that you are missing in OEM and that your in-house health monitoring software will provide you?

            I guess this is a self build system? You can extend OEM, so are you also considering to expand OEM instead of moving data from OEM to your own application?

            If you check the URL below,.... if you build a cool extension on OEM you could even promote it to be marketed by Oracle.

            Johan Louwers

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              Thanks Loc, I will take a look at this to see if we can extract the data that way.
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                Hi Johan,

                I think our biggest concern is how cumbersome the system is when it comes to doing anything and our fear of being locked into something so complex and difficult to manage.

                For example, last year we installed version 11 to evaluate. This year, we decided to evaluate 12c. Uninstalling 11 was virtually impossible using the 10 different methods we found online, so we were stuck with manually removing files, processes, and database stuff. It was horrible. We eventually re-installed the operating system on our OEM test server and OEM clients and tediously removed every single account/table in the database by hand.

                Then, after installing 12cR1, we found out that we couldn't install agents of a different OS type/machine architecture without something called Bundle Patch 1. The first thing the installation instructions say for this bundle patch? "Uninstall and reinstall OEM if you can". Once again, uninstalling OEM 12cr1 was a tedious process requiring hours/days of figuring out where OEM had its "tentacles" and manually removing it all. Then, we installed BP1. At least, we think we did. There was no indication from the UI or install instructions that we were actually installing the BP1 version. The agent issue was still there, by the way.

                Did I mention we did this 1 day before 12cR2 came out? Thankfully, we were able to upgrade from 12cR1 (12cR1 BP1 or whatever version it was) to 12cR2 fairly easily and then cross OS type/machine architecture problem went away.

                Now imagine if we had 12cR1 in a production environment and didn't have the luxury of reinstalling? This whole process has scarred our team and makes us even more wary to invest ourselves in a complete OEM solution...
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                  The fact that you R2 upgrade was relatively easier and that your cross platform issues went away is no accident. We, in EM development team, are constantly trying to improve the product and the improvements you saw were direct result of that. We thank you for your feedback.

                  Do you have any SR opened for the uninstall issues with R1? If you do, please let us know the SR number and we will take a look.
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                    Unfortunately, I didn't open up any SR on the uninstall issue because I just didn't have the time. I will do my best to do so in the future though, as I want OEM to be our data center monitoring solution...a lot less home-grown code for me to write!

                    Thank you for making the R2 upgrade process painless. It really was a refreshing change to have something "just work".