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    Applying Branding. iFrames no longer working


      I tried searching but it seems the search functionality of this forum is... not functioning. We have a newly upgraded peoplesoft system and my responsibility lies with the publicly accessible jobs portion. We've been using iFrames for years and I suddenly learn we can't. No biggie.

      Could someone point me at documentation or anything that would describe how to implement branding? (headers and footers pretty much).

      I can get iFrames working to a point but if they aren't supported. What is? A call to Oracle Tech Support was down right frustrating. This isn't some small thing and there doesn't seem to be a lot of information about it.

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          Can you provide some additional details? Is this for an Enterprise Portal or HCM system? Enterprise Portal has the role based branding framework that you can use to change headers and footers. HCM does not have this feature. You can build something, but it would be about as supported as iframes, but a LOT more work.

          How are you using iframes now (or how were you using iframes prior to the upgrade)? Is this in a specific component?

          The only problem I have had with iframes is that I have to specify content inside the iframe. Whether I'm using pagelet wizard or just an HTML area in a component, I have to add an &amp;nbsp; inside the iframe tag like this: <iframe... >&amp;nbsp;</iframe> so that PeopleSoft doesn't strip the empty block element from the output.