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    Entity Framework provider should do UPPER_CASE to PascalCase conversion

      The current EF tools don't attempt to do any case conversion when going from database to model (or vice versa). This means either:

      - you're doing database-first, and wasting hours PascalCasing your entities and attributes
      - you're doing model-first, and wasting hours UPPER_CASING the generated EDMX storage model (time which is wasted the next time you generate the storage model and it blows away what you've done)

      If you're as frustrated by this as me, please vote on this feature request:


      Also, if any of the EF provider developers are reading, whose bright idea was it to make the SSDLToOracle T4 template a stub? That's not how this is supposed to work guys, I could have hacked in the fix I need right there if it actually did anything. Very poor.