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    Oracle 11gR2 to patch with


      I need to patch an Oracle 11gR2 with
      I know that the patch is a full install.

      On my install process I noticed that the oracle home directory must be different :

      Existing path for

      - New path planned for

      - The path on the oracle user .bash_profile must pointing on the new path
      - All the oracle services /listener must be stoped

      - A database backup must be done with RMAN

      - I know that I must start the patch install : ./runInstaller
      --- > It will install the new oracle core on the new home directory

      - I suppose that I don't need to install a new database during the install process ! ?

      and after what is the process to patch/upgrade the DATABASE itself ???? :-| (use dbua (upgrade assistant) to upgrade the db or I don't know why ?)

      Thanks for your answers