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    To integrate Endeca with CRS.

    Girish V U

      I have installed Endeca guidedsearch and I have successfully indexed ATG-CRS (Commerce Reference Store) data with endeca search. However , I want to integrate the Endeca with ATG-CRS search box ,i.e, when I search some product e.g. Shoe it should give us results from Endeca search engines.
      At this point of time it says "No Products match" so that ,I believe , means that endeca search engines are not getting triggered on ATG-CRS search queries are fired.
      So do we need to do some code changes in ATG-CRS/Endeca end or it is a configuration change.
      Any help/hint will be highly appreciated.

      Thanks in advance :)
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          Nitin Khare
          I have not tried it but you may explore the sample query application. Take a look at chapter-8 about the sample query application:


          It mentions about the configuration changes required on the ATG as well as Endeca side. It also mention that the sample query application is a separate application even though it is packaged with CRS and at present CRS do not use the Endeca integration.