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    How can I commit the Child's Child Flow ?

      Hi All,

      I have 3 task flow they contain one page each.

      GoalOveviewFlow                contain          GoalOverviewPage
      GoalInformationFlow                contain      GoalInformationPage
      AttachmentFlow               contain          AttachmentPage.

      The relationship of the 3 flow is that:

      AttachmentFlow embed in GoalInformationPage as a region.
      GoalInfomationFlow embed in GoalOverviewFlow as region.

      In other words GoalInfomationPage is parent of AttachmentFlow, GoalOverviewPage is parent of GoalInformationFlow.
      GoalOverviewFlow---->GoalInformationFlow----> AttachmentFlow (this flow always begin not trans and not share AM with his parents)

      What I want to achive is when click a button on GoalOverviewPage the data in AttachmentFlow get commited and parent Flow not commited? How can I achieve this?

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