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    Addition of new account in financials


      i want to know steps to add new account created to OBIA Financials.

      I have manually added 4 entries for new accounts into file_group_acct_codes.csv & mapped them to GROUP_ACCT_NUM ( CASH ) and run incremental load but in trial balance reports they are showing mapped under OTHERS.

      GROUP_ACCT_NUM as CASH is already present in OBIA.

      One account got mapped to CASH & OTHERS both.

      Anyone knows what went wrong????

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          Ahsan Shah
          When you change the Group Accounts, you may also need to run the "GROUP ACCOUNT CLEANUP" process to fix the historical data.

          Please review the following section in the configuration guide for 7963:

 How to Make Corrections to the Group Account Number Configuration

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            Andy Coates
            Just to check, are you confusing Financial Statement Item codes and Group Account codes?

            Out of the box CASH is a Group Account code, whereas OTHERS is a Financial Statement Item code. All Group Accounts are mapped to Financial Statement Item codes in the file file_grpact_fstmt.csv

            See this section of the manual:-


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