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    Changing password after adding new employee

      Setup: DB2 z/os database authentication, Propagate Change parameter set to TRUE.

      Created a new employee using sadmin account with the fellowing detail:
      Last Name: empl, First Name: emp1002, User ID: emp1002, Responsibility: CG Retail Sales Representative, Position: Proxy Employee, New Responsibility: CG Retail Sales REpresentative

      Created cooresponding DB user account on DB2 z and password: EMPL.

      Then login to emp1002 using IE.
      The signon screen is Password, and has three fields: Current Password, New Password, Verify New Password. However, when I enter new password and press Save, the new password will not be saved.

      Also, try to change password following Tools -> User Preferences -> User Profile.
      However, the password field is gray out and the Contact information still show as Sadmin.

      Please help.
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          Sambit K
          Hi Joey,

          By default the new password field under user preferences screen remains read only.You can make it editable by following below steps :-

          1) Go to Admin->Server Configuration->Enterprises->Profile Configuration view.

          2) If you are not using any 3rd party security adapter like LDAP or ADSI then query in field "Alias" by "DBSecAdpt",if yes then search for corresponding adapters.

          3) In the 3rd applet "Profile Parameters" under field "Name" search for "Propagate Change".For this particular record change the value under field "Value" to "True".

          4) Bounce siebel server.

          5) Now check under user preferences->profile.