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    FDM Cannot Access Calc Script

      We use FDM to load data to Essbase and then run a script after export to Aggregate the data using Vlaidation Entities in FDM. We wrote a new Agg Script and so I changed the Validation entity from CalcALL to CALCCMA and now I get the below error.

      Error: Essbase API Procedure: [EsbCalcFile] Threw code: 1030214 - 1030214 - [Tue Aug 03 13:25:25 2010]XXXXX/PLANNING/IncStmt/admin/Error(1030214)
      User [admin] cannot access calc script: CALCCMA

      The script is in the same folder as the old one. What is also strange is that when I try to change back the Script to CalcALL in the FDM valdiation entity I get an error as well. I checked all the integration settings and they are correct. I checked every script in FDM and asearched the adapter XML and found no references to the CalcALL script. I can't figure out where else the script would be referenced in FDM or if I need to change something on the Essbase side.