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Login issues

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I'm having trouble logging into some of my servers. I can log into all my servers if I'm using my ssh agent, but if I use my password, the login fails on some servers. If I become root and then become anther user and then try to su - to anther user using a password it fails.

When something breaks the 1st thing you check is the last change. The last change was this. I moved all the servers from using md5 hashes for shoring our passwords to sha512. I looked in /etc/security/crypt.conf and /etc/security/policy.conf which are the files that where changed. They are the same when compared to each other. So I don't know why some servers are work and others are not.

I did notice that on the servers that where not working had CRYPT_ALGORITHMS_ALLOW=1,2a,md5 instead of CRYPT_ALGORITHMS_ALLOW=1,2a,md5,5,6. I have corrected this and I'm still having issues.

Any help would be great
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    This is a update. I was given the answer to my by MikelB from Oracle on the Oracle communities website.
    I like to post the answer so others can be helped.


    /usr/lib/security/ has been delivered with patch 140905-01.
    This patch is embedded in Solaris 10u7.

    (Same for sha512).

    Current patch is 140905-02. Please check if this patch is installed.

    Best regards
    I looked at my system and the patch above was not installed, so I installed it. After I installed the patch and rebooted the server, my hashing issue was resolved. I have posted the link below, if any of you want to look at it. Discussion&PrevPage=Communities-ReplyDiscussion
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    Thanks for the update, Mike.

    By the way, for anyone that might want to try that link, Communities.Oracle.Com requires MOS login credentials.

    It's not a free site for just anyone.
    So, those without access to MOS (and therefore no access to get patches) would need to upgrade/reinstall Solaris 10 to Update 7 ( May 2009 ) or newer.
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    Thanks for posting that comment. I forgot that it is a locked down site. The users maybe able to get the patch from the CD or DVD.


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