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    Resize ASM Diskgroup

      Hi All,

      My exadata quarter rack machine has two asm diskgroups, DATA1 with 5TB and RECO with 3TB.
      I'd like to resize RECO to 1TB and DATA1 to 7TB.

      I know ALTER DISKGROUP RESIZE command, but my question is about resize RECO volume from 3 to 1 TB: is it supported by Oracle?? Let me know risks /issues with this resize?

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          On Exadata, you cannot simply resize the diskgroup, because it contains many different disks. Each of your DATA and RECO diskgroups contain 36 different disks (12 from each storage server). You'll need to resize the griddisks at the storage server level rather than at the ASM level. I highly recommend reading MOS note #1245494.1 a few times before going through the process.
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            Ok, thanks.

            My idea was:

            step 1> resize from ASM by ALTER DISKGROUP RECO RESIZE ALL SIZE xxG REBALANCE POWER 11;
            step 2> resize GRIDDISKs of RECO* on each cell for each griddisk by CellCLI> ALTER GRIDDISK griddisk_name size=xxG;
            step 3> check griddisk detail for RECO
            step 4> check size of a DATA griddisk
            step 5> check free space on CELLDISKs
            step 6> resize GRIDDISKs of DATA* on each cell for each griddisk by CellCLI> ALTER GRIDDISK griddisk_name size=new_sizeG;
            step 7> resize from ASM by ALTER DISKGROUP DATA RESIZE ALL REBALANCE POWER 11;
            step 8> check status of all asmdisks using "v$asm_disk"
            step 9> check DB alert logs
            step 10> check cell alert history on each cell

            Now, I'm reading your suggested note #1245494, thanks very much