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    Log trapping with daignostic module

      I am using a WebLogic mail session and diagnostic module to trap an occasional error in my server logs and it works great. However, now I have another requirement of trapping an error that is not in one of the WebLogic logs. This is a custom log written by the application. Does anyone know how to get the watch to trap a non-WL log?

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          René van Wijk
          To my knowledge for both the SNMP (log filter) and Diagnostic Modules watch, you can only do this on server logs.

          Note also the dropdown box when you configure a watch you can select either: collected metrics, server log or event data.

          The same goes for SNMP, where you can configure a log filter, that listens for message from servers.

          Maybe you can ask your development team to put the relevant application logs in the server logs (could even by using System.out.println which will end up in the .out files
          when the server is started by using the nodemanager)