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    Jim Marion's  "Converting PeopleSoft OVM Templates to VirtualBox Guests"

      I am using Jim Marion's "Converting PeopleSoft OVM Templates to VirtualBox Guests" I am using OEL 6. I currently have problems with step 11 under the topic "The Database Image" Step 11 specifies "Install the following packages as root (or execute as sudo).
      " yum install oracle-validated # required (or you can do the manual kernel config) "
      " yum install oracleasm "

      When I executed the first instruction set " yum install oracle-validated #" I got the error "No such package available"
      I continued and when I got to step 14 "Now the big moment..... As root (or run with sudo)
      cd into /opt/oracle/psft/vm and run

      I got an error No such file or directory exist.
      I checked and there was no such directory "vm" under the "psft" directory

      Can you please tell me what process creates the directory "vm" under the "psft" directory as described above ?

      Thanks J.