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    Disable Oracle apps user accounts


      i have a list of oracle apps user account that is tied up with inactive users using the following query

      select * from fnd_user a where employee_id not in (select distinct person_id from per_all_people_F a where trunc(sysdate) between trunc(EFFECTIVE_START_DATE) and trunc(EFFECTIVE_END_DATE) and current_employee_flag = 'Y')

      Now i want to disable all the users (from the above query) at a single movement.Please tell me how i can do this.

      Using this (fnd_user_pkg.updateuser(x_user_name=>'JJJJJ',x_owner=>'CUST',x_end_date=>SYSDATE); ) i can disable one by one ..But i want to disable for around 250 users..Please tell your suggestions


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