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    network socket files


      We were facing some issue with crs startup and had to delete network socket files present in "/var/tmp/.oracle/".

      Can anyone please let me know what these "/var/tmp/.oracle/*" files do?..What informations are there in these files?

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          It is not my intention to be harsh or unfriendly but ...

          No version number.
          No operating system name or version.
          No information on why ClusterWare was installed.
          No information on what "issues" you were facing.
          No indication of why you "had" to delete files.
          No names of the files deleted.
          You deleted files without knowing what they did.
          And now you are asking for advice?

          The only advice I will give is that you open an SR with at MyOracleSupport and I've a pretty good idea they will want to kick the can further down the road but won't be able to do so if you have a paid support agreement.

          The overwhelming instinct your post has generated is that I don't want my fingerprints on anything your team touches: Not today and not tomorrow.

          After you resolve the issue consider a class in change management.
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            Refer the note:
                 Unable To Connect To Cluster Manager Ora-29701 as Network Socket Files are Removed [ID 391790.1]
            It describes about importance of files in /tmp/.oracle or /var/rmp/.oracle