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    Retrieving and displaying CLOB from SYS.AQ$_JMS_MESSAGE


      I am trying to retrieve a CLOB from a SYS.AQ$_JMS_MESSAGE that is currently on a queue. I tried dequeuing as an AQMessage, but after interrogating the object, cannot find the CLOB (CLOB contains xml text).

      I get what I want using the following SQL:

      select msgid
      , enq_time
      , enq_uid
      , qt.user_data.text_lob from EVENT_MSG_TBL qt
      where q_name = 'EVENTQUEUE';

      (qt.user_data.text_lob has the XML I am looking for)

      I need the equivalent of this in Java. Can anyone help?

      I've tried doing something like:
      AQMessage msg = conn.dequeue(queueName,deqopt,queueType);

      ... but I cannot find the CLOB in the resulting msg variable. Is there a specific class/method I have to use to retrieve the CLOB from the JMS Message?