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    SPARC T4-1 - trouble installing a zone using local repo


      SPARC T4-1 - trouble installing a zone using local repo

      Problem - cannot get zone install to work

      For various in-house policy reasons, I can only use a local file to configure zones, currently we do this:

      1) Manually download ISOs, patches/updates and whatnot to a mounted share on a server
      2) Manually copy this over to servers that require patches/updates

      So, I needed to configure a local copy of the "publisher" on the T4, which I have done by following this guide - www.oracle.com/technetwork/articles/servers-storage-admin/s11exrepositoriesalta-187967.pdf ... and all appears to fine.


      Output of zfs list (pruned+)+
      rpool/zones                                    13.1M   158G    32K  /zones
      rpool/zones/testzone                           13.1M   158G    31K  /zones/testzone

      root@foo:/rpool/export/repoSolaris11# ls -l
      total 13566508
      -rw-r--r--   1 root     root         240 Oct 20  2011 pkg5.repository
      drwxr-xr-x   3 root     root           3 Oct 20  2011 publisher
      -rw-r--r--   1 root     root     6940854272 Jul 23 14:31 sol-11-1111-repo-full.iso

      Output of pkg publisher solaris

      root@foo:/zones/testzone# pkg publisher solaris

      Publisher: solaris
      Origin URI: file:///rpool/export/repoSolaris11/
      SSL Key: None
      SSL Cert: None
      Client UUID: 268ad236-c0b1-11e1-8b65-8010e004533
      Catalog Updated: Wed Oct 26 17:17:30 2011
      Enabled: Yes
      Signature Policy: verify

      Output of pkg publisher

      root@foo:/zones/testzone# pkg publisher
      PUBLISHER                             TYPE     STATUS   URI
      solaris                               origin   online   file:///rpool/export/repoSolaris11/

      I then create my "testzone" - copied from documentation

      Listing 1: Creating a Zone

      root@global:~# zonecfg -z testzone
      testzone: No such zone configured
      Use 'create' to begin configuring a new zone.
      zonecfg:testzone> create
      create: Using system default template 'SYSdefault'
      zonecfg:testzone> set zonepath=/zones/testzone
      zonecfg:testzone> set autoboot=true
      zonecfg:testzone> set bootargs="-m verbose"
      zonecfg:testzone> verify
      zonecfg:testzone> commit
      zonecfg:testzone> exit

      Completes without error.

      root@global:~# zoneadm list -cv
      ID NAME             STATUS     PATH                           BRAND    IP
      +0 global running / solaris shared+
      - testzone         configured /zones/testzone                solaris  excl

      All looking good, but now this where the trouble starts.

      I do: zoneadm -z testzone install

      and get the following error:

      Progress being logged to /var/log/zones/zoneadm.20121009T193755Z.testzone.install
      Image: Preparing at /zones/testzone/root.

      Install Log: /system/volatile/install.20150/install_log
      AI Manifest: /tmp/manifest.xml.VZaavN
      SC Profile: /usr/share/auto_install/sc_profiles/enable_sci.xml
      Zonename: testzone
      Installation: Starting ...

      Creating IPS image
      Installing packages from:
      origin:  http://localhost:1008/solaris/a2fd15b8f403088995817b3912371de14229574d/
      Image zone:testzone Creating Plan               Error occurred during execution of 'generated-transfer-20150-1' checkpoint.
      Failed Checkpoints:


      Checkpoint execution error:

      The following pattern(s) did not match any allowable packages.  Try
      using a different matching pattern, or refreshing publisher information:


      Installation: Failed.  See install log at /system/volatile/install.20150/install_log
      ERROR: auto-install failed.

      It seems from the above error that it is looking in the wrong location for the repo, even though I believe I have it configured correctly - what have I missed?

      Being a fnewb doesn't help either, so any help appreciated!

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