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    SQL Developer Hangs

      Is anyone else seeing SQL Developer hang after using the Find DB Object function? I can reproduce this issue. I'm connected to 11gR2 instances.

      I have reverted to SQL Developer 3.1 due to this issue.
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          Gary Graham-Oracle

          Not much detail to go on. Are you searching only by name, or did you click on More... to specify some combination of Schema/Type/Usage also? Are you using the same machine for the 3.2 and 3.1 installs? The exact same connection details for both installs?

          More over, is this a hang (never comes back) or just slow? If you want to debug a bit, try the following:
          //Example for Windows
          1. Open a command line console. Adjust the properties so the console buffer size is at least 500 lines.
          2. CD to your installation bin directory ( ...\sqldeveloper\sqldeveloper\bin).
          3. set ORACLE_HOME=%CD%   (This is optional - if you want to ensure use of the jdbc driver that ships with SQL Developer)
          4. Launch sqldeveloper.exe (not sqldeveloperW.exe) so any debug messages appear in the console
          5. Run your test case and when it hangs, do a Ctrl-Break from the console to get a full thread dump
          SQL Developer Team
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            Gary Graham-Oracle
            And here is another thread on this topic for reference:
            Re: Find DB Objects window too slow in latest SQL Developer version (bug?)

            May not be applicable in your case since it discusses an older SQL Developer version, but it does mention an issue with certain Oracle 11g versions. That may give you some ideas.