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        Gus C
        Can someone help with my problem
        I have a workspace on oracle.com

        Workspace: GUSCRIGHTON
        Password: terminator

        Use Application id 24561

        User Name: Angus
        Password: terminator

        On the Available Applications Menu, click Demonstration.
        Then on menu click Employees

        The list is on the right hand side of the page.
        Please remember that my live application is Apex 3.2, so dynamic actions will not work.


        • 16. Re: Run Procedure From List
          Scott Wesley
          The application process did run - as it stood without any changes. I updated gus_employee salary to 55, clicked the link, and it was set to 66
          I'm not sure what makes you think otherwise?

          A word of note - provide more information to volunteers of these forums - I went on a goose chase trying to work out where your coding attempts were, only to find app 24561 wasn't the application with the actual code - the links you suggested took me to a different application (40867).

          So I spent time identifying what's going on only to find the process did actually work.
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