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    SQL Plus not work with domain user

      Hey guys,

      have a problem with sql plus in our network. when i started it with the admin it works. but when i started it with a user account, fill in the username, the password and the host and click on the ok button, the window closes and nothing happen. no error no new window, the window simply closes.

      what to do?

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          Gaurav Bhide

          There might be different reasons behind this.

          Check whether user is created in database or not.

          There might be possibility that, user is in different database.
          SELECT * FROM V$DATABASE; --This will help you to findout database name. 
          SELECT * FROM DBA_USERS WHERE USERNAME = 'HR';  --HR is user present on database. 
          If your user is present in database then user might not have connect privilege.
          GRANT CONNECT , RESOURCE TO HR; --HR is user. To execute this command, login as sys 
          You can also try to login with command prompt.
          sqlplus user/password@host