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    Org By Period

      Hi Experts,

      What is the main purpose of Org By Period in HFM

      while doing smart view i have seen that "Active Members is available only if the application has been set up for Organization by Period. Active Members is unavailable for Hyperion Enterprise data sources". I have Enabled Org By Period in HFM application but the option "Active Members" is invisible in Function Builder,

      what are active members,

      what is the way to activate the members and

      what is the purpose of active members.

      Anyone Please provide me the answer with an example.

      Thanks in Advance.

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          Let us say that a parent entity A has 2 children in January - B and C. The same is the case for February.

          In March, A sells off it's shares in entity C and buys a new entity, D.

          If you have orgbyperiod disabled, you will have to upload the new metadata for the new hierarchy to be visible.

          If you have the option enabled, you can have different organisational structures in different periods. You will be able to go to ownership module and disable C from March onward.