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    OEL 6.3 system-config-network tool

      Hi all,
      I just do an installation of OEL 6.3 and wonder while the system-config-network tool looks completely new.
      Okay there a lot of things missing like editing hostname, domain, dns and so on.

      What do I have to do to get it back under OEL 6.3?

      I try the other tools system-config-network-tui and system-config-network-cmd but I can't find the functionality.

      What do I have to edit and configure manually when the system-config-network doesn't exists?

      kind regards
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          Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 and hence Oracle Linux 6 do no longer install a Graphical Desktop when doing a default server installation. If you want a Graphical Desktop you can customize the initial installation, or do it afterwards using the following command:

          yum groupinstall "X Window System" Desktop "General Purpose Desktop" \
          "Graphical Administration Tools" "Legacy X Window System compatibility"

          sed -i 's|id:3:initdefault:|id:5:initdefault:|g' /etc/inittab
          shutdown -r now

          However, keep in mind that you can generally run GUI applications using SSH with X forwarding or Tiger VNC without the need to install X Windows Server on the Linux server or running a Graphical Desktop.

          Unfortunately, the GUI version of system-config-network under EL 6 requires the Network Manager service, which you might not want to run on a server platform. Anyway, to use the connection editor GUI, the following should do:

          yum install NetworkManager-gnome
          service NetworkManager start
          chkconfig NetworkManager on

          Alternatively, simply edit the following files to configure your DNS, hostname and hosts file:

          service network restart
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            thanks for the answer.

            Actually the nm-connection-manager is not the same like system-config-network.
            You will not change the hosts file and domain and so on.

            So it seems that I have to edit all the files manually.

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              You can change the DNS configuration in the nm-connection tool when you edit the interface configuration and use manual IP addressing. The /etc/hosts file you need to edit using a text editor.

              It seems to me that RHEL is not the only OS though to follow a certain demographic user profile development, where you have the expert (Server) on one, and the computer illiterate (Desktop) on the other end. I question whether or not the expert prefers command-line, I don't, but some are vehemently promoting it.

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