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    ISSUES WITH sunZFS 7420

      Hi ,

      We have a sun storage zfs 7420 with many servers connected to it....

      they are connected to storage via SAN Switches on a active -passive cluster. The stroage controllers is also set to active - passive.
      THe storage is for the DB on ASM on SUN SPARC t4-2 model.

      Few servers have no issues in accessing the storage but many of the tehm are very slow in accessing the storage. The servers that share one LUN doesnt have any issue but the servers accessing with other LUNS have connectivity issue....

      ANy clue..much appreciated
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          We also have issues with 7420 active/passive. Sometimes its okay but then very slow. The slowdowns/hangs correspond with big spikes in memory fragmentation according to analytics (~70G of 128 total per head) We are on the 2011.4.24.4 release, and it looks like the 24.3 release was supposed to fix these issues, im assuming these releases are cumulative but dont know for sure.

          Might want to pull up an analytics for memory->kernel memory lost to fragmentation and see if you are seein ghte same thing.