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    Forum or  section for engineered systems?

      Is there currently a place to discuss Oracle Engineered Systems, perhaps Oracle Database Appliance specifically?

      If not, are there any plans to add such a section to the OTN forums?
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          For what type of discussions?

          If you treat it (ODA) as a Database machine, could you use existing "RAC" forums, in here:

          There's also a forum for Exadata:
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            It would be nice to have a place to discuss ODA specific topics, such as installation, patching, support, performance and configuration. It does seem like ODA will have it's own set of best practices and ways to do things, that sets it apart from the typical custom-built RAC environment.

            For instance, the post-deployment addition of a bonded interface and associated listeners can be accomplished with OAK or you can treat the environment like any other RAC and configure it as such. If done "manually" this way, there may be certain considerations that need to be taken into account to keep from breaking compatibility with OAK.

            There is also the matter that the typical ODA administrator should be able to get about his business with only a relevant subset of the knowledge typically associated with a RAC administrator.

            Perhaps it would be a good idea to create an ODA section, similar to the Exadata section?

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